OCLS manages the research projects identified as priorities by College Libraries Ontario (CLO).

Working with CLO-designated research panels OCLS helps define the scope and deliverables associated with the research projects, assists in the development of requests for proposal, develops and manages resultant contracts, and assists CLO with the implementation of findings, as applicable.

Published Research:

The Video Streaming Environment: Meeting the Needs of Ontario College Libraries - October, 2013

Online Learning, OERs, and the Changing Role of College Libraries - June, 2016

RFQs issued to-date:

October 2017:  Consultant for Consortial eResources Management Services Review - RFQ#2017-003-L

January 2017: Consultant for Ontario College Libraries’ Open Educational Resources (OER) Toolkit - RFQ#2017-002-L

January 2017: Research Consultant for the College Libraries Assessment Research Project (Phase 1) - RFP#2017-001-L

October 2016: RFQ to Explore Shared Library Systems (Phase 1) - RFQ#2016-002

November 2015: The Business of Library Consortia: Models, Structure & Decision-Making - RFQ#2015-005

November 2015: Online Learnings, OERs and the Changing Role of College Libraries - An Environmental Scan - RFQ#2015-004

October 2015: Skills Audit Research Project - RFQ#2015-003

September - October 2015: Consulting Services: Setup of the Colleges eBook Consortium - RFQ#2015-002

March - April 2015: eBook Metadata Repository - RFQ#2015-001 (cancelled without award)

December 2014: Research and Recommendation for a Streamed Media Infrastructure for Ontario College Libraries and their Users - RFQ#2014-005

September 2014: Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS) - RFQ#2014-004

August 2014: RDA Workflows Project: A guide for Ontario College libraries for the maintenance of bibliographic records in the Colleges' Union Catalogue - RFP#2014-003

March 2014: For Selection, Acquisitions, Cataloguing and Processing of Material for Ontario's Colleges - RFQ#2014-002(2)

June 2014: Envisioning the Future: Strategic Planning - RFQ#2014-002

January 2014: Research and Recommendation for a Licensing Display Application for Ontario College Libraries and their Users - RFQ#2014-001

December 2013: Strategic Planning - RFQ#2013-006

December 2013: Moving to AODA Compliance: Accessible Print Materials and Ontario College Libraries - RFQ#2013-005

December 2013: Video Captioning - RFQ#2013-004

June 2013:  Ontario Colleges eBook Consortium Project Vendor and Platform Evaluation Phase – RFQ#2013-003

December 2012: The Video Streaming Environment: Meeting the Needs of Ontario College Libraries – RFQ#2012-003

July 2012:  Strategies for Compliance with the Information and Communications Standard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act – RFQ#2012-002

January 2011: E-Book Study - RFQ#2011-002

December 2010: Shared Information Literacy Digital Repository Study - RFQ#2010-002

February 2010: Colleges Union Catalogue Study - RFQ#2010-001