The Library eResources Accessibility Portal (LEAP) is a self-audit tool that allows library staff at participating institutions to evaluate the accessibility of library eResources, and access a growing repository of accessibility assessment reports to help make acquisition decisions, support library users, and advocate for accessible eResources.   

The LEAP service launched in April 2020. It was developed to assist college libraries in upholding accessibility best practices and achieving compliance with the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) for ensuring the accessibility of electronic resources (IASR, 2011, s. 18(3)).  

With OCLS’s support, LEAP is directed by College Libraries Ontario, with work falling under the purview of the LEAP Steering Committee. 

LEAP Steering Committee 

The LEAP Steering Committee is responsible for providing guidance and oversight for LEAP. Their mandate is to:

      • Provide strategic direction for LEAP, develop best practices, and set service priorities. 
      • Provide support for the service, including developing assessment priorities annually. 
      • Support the work of LEAP leads at each college, serve as experts and project champions locally and within the college system, and foster a community of practice. 

Contact LEAP 

To get in touch about the LEAP service, please contact OCLS.