Quality Assurance

In 2020, OCLS took on the annual library data collection process at the request of College Libraries Ontario (CLO), who had been gathering library statistical data from the 24 publicly funded colleges in Ontario on an annual basis for many years.  

Each year, under the guidance of the CLO Quality Assurance Committee (formerly known as the Metrics & Assessment Committee), a survey is distributed to the colleges, to gather information around things like collections, people, and expenditures among other statistics. From this data, a report is created and shared, which helps to inform projects, secure funding, and create capacity amongst the colleges.  

CLO Quality Assurance Steering Committee 

The CLO Quality Assurance Steering Committee is responsible for providing guidance and oversight for CLO statistics and data gathering. Their mandate is to: 

      • Provide continuity of statistical data collection for CLO member libraries through the statistical survey. 
      • Identify and explore options for enhancing CLO statistics by continuously evaluating the collection of meaningful data that can be used to answer questions and represent library value. 
      • Research and examine broader areas of library assessment that demonstrate the value of library resources and services to the colleges.
      • Conduct research studies and environmental scans to identify existing and newly developing library assessment initiatives, best practices; areas for collaboration and expansion of efforts.

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