Information for eResource Vendors

As part of our eResource Management service, OCLS negotiates licence agreements for electronic library resources, obtains quotes and product information, arranges trials, manages content purchases and new subscription set up, and handles subscription renewals on behalf of the college libraries.

Information about the 24 colleges, including current FTEs, can be found in the Colleges area of our website.

By working with OCLS, vendors will benefit from an efficient licensing process with a single point of contact, reduced administrative costs and time, and streamlined payment options. We appreciate discounted pricing and improved terms of access in exchange for providing these efficiencies and savings.

The eResource service achieves cost savings for the Ontario colleges through collective procurement and centralized management. OCLS does not charge administration fees or add commission to the cost of eresource products.

How vendors can work with us

Vendors interested in working with OCLS to negotiate a consortial licence for the 24 colleges in Ontario should read our Model Licence Agreement.

OCLS does not accept unsolicited offers from vendors. OCLS will pursue new consortial offers only when a significant number of colleges have expressed an interest in our doing so.