Information for eResource Vendors

As part of the eResource Management service, OCLS negotiates licence agreements for electronic library resources, as well as managing trials, content purchases and new subscription set up, and subscription renewals on behalf of the college libraries.

Information about the 24 applied arts and technology colleges, including current FTEs and IP ranges, can be found in the Colleges area of our website.

By working with OCLS, vendors will benefit from an efficient licensing process with a single point of contact, reduced administrative costs and time, and streamlined payment options. We appreciate discounted pricing and improved terms of access in exchange for providing these efficiencies and savings.

The eresource service achieves cost savings through collective procurement and management; OCLS does not charge administration fees or add commission to the cost of eresource products.

How vendors can work with us

Vendors interested in working with OCLS to negotiate a consortial licence for the 24 applied arts and technology colleges in Ontario should read our Vendor Policy, our Model Licence Agreement, and review the information below.

OCLS uses the eResources Voting Exchange (EVE) to manage the submission of new products and the selection of products for trials and consortial offers. A web-based system, EVE collects new product submissions from both vendors and college staff via a webform.

Three times a year (April, June, and December) college staff review the submissions and rank those products they would like to see moved to the next stage of licensing agreements (i.e. trials, offer negotiation). This voting period is open only to the participating colleges.

OCLS uses the results of this ranking survey to determine interest in products before offer negotiations begin. The EVE process ensures that only products that are of interest to the colleges are moved ahead in the licensing process, thus ensuring cost and time savings for vendors, colleges, and OCLS.

Vendors wishing to submit a product to EVE for consideration must use the Product Submissions webform.

For any questions regarding eresources or the EVE submission and voting process, please contact:

Coralee Leroux
eResources & Services Coordinator
Tel: (647) 722-9324
Toll-free: (800) 268-5560 ext. 324