eResources Management

eResource Management is one of OCLS’s original services. On behalf of Ontario's 24 publicly-funded colleges libraries, OCLS's eResources Management service negotiates licensing terms and pricing with vendors, arranges trials for new resources, and facilitates subscription renewals.

Supported by College Libraries Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, OCLS's focus is to share best practices and to maximize the impact of collaboration while leveraging the most effective use of group buying power.

Vendors who are interested in working with OCLS should visit the Information for Vendors page.

OCLS maintains several tools to facilitate the colleges' acquisition, access, and use of their online resources, including ConsortiaManager, OCLS's consortial ERMS (Electronic Resource Management System), and CLEAR Central, a database of licence summaries.

Please visit your website dashboard to access your invoices, Deposit Account reports, and other important documents from OCLS.

OCLS migrated our ERMS from ERMA to ConsortiaManager on August 15, 2022. See the ERMS subpage for more information.

The Ocls eResources Team

Nicole Morgan, eResources Coordinator
647-722-9321 or 800-268-5560 x321

Gagan Dhindsa, eResources Services and Support Associate
647-722-9317 or 800-268-5560 x317

Michelle Ng, eResources Services and Support Associate
647-722-9310 or 800-268-5560 x 310

Holly Sarvari, eResources Services and Support Associate
647-722-9315 or 800-268-5560 x 315