ACE (Accessible Content E-portal)

OCLS and the colleges' AODA Committee has partnered with the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) to provide participating Ontario colleges access to the Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE), a growing repository of accessible format texts.

ACE "supports users with print disabilities at participating institutions by making library collections accessible through an online platform. ACE contains a variety of print library materials which have been digitized and made available in accessible formats. Eligible users can also request print materials to be added to the collection on demand through their on-demand digitization service." (OCUL, 2014).

For information about how your library can participate in the ACE Service, please contact Siobán (

View ACE Policies and Procedures

Connect to the Accessible Content E-Portal (ACE)

Eligible ACE users and library staff can browse or search their library's collection of accessible format texts by logging in to ACE with their assigned User or Admin Token. For tips on navigating the portal, please review the library guides and training material below.

Make a digitization request

Library staff at participating institutions may submit a digitization request for eligible items from their library's print collection. Please carefully review the Digitization Checklist before submitting a digitization request, and review the Digitization Cheat Sheet and other supporting documentation below before shipping your item. ACE Users who would like to request an accessible format should contact their library.

If you have any questions about the digitization process for colleges, please contact Siobán ( If you need help making or tracking a digitization request, you can contact Siobán ( or reach out directly to Scholars Portal (, 416-946-8616).

If you need to cancel your digitization request, fill out the Digitization Request Cancellation Form. Fill out one form per ACE item, and ensure you have included the ACE item number from your confirmation email. There are several reasons you may need to use this form. For example, if a student  cancels their request for an accessible copy of an item, or if you obtain accessible materials from another source. 

Forms and Resources

Digitization Cheat Sheets

Digitization checklist for colleges

Digitization checklist for book contributors

ACE Bookmark slips (PDF)

ACE Bookmark slips (Word)

Choosing a scannable copy resources

Self-declaration for for patrons with a perceptual disability

Guides and training materials


ACE libguide for staff

ACE libguide for students

ACE Guide: Internet Archive Print Disabled Collection

ACE Tutorial: Getting Started with ACE

ACE Tutorial: Navigating & Searching

Communications materials: Promote ACE at your college

ACE Service Sample Communication Materials

ACE Flyer (English)

ACE Flyer (French)

ACE Bookmark (English)

ACE Bookmark (French)

Please note, the above resources were developed by Scholars Portal.