About Us

The Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS) was established in 2009 as a non-profit corporation to provide support for the Libraries  and Learning Resource Centres of Ontario’s 24 publicly funded Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology. OCLS is funded in part by the Government of Ontario.

We provide a suite of services for the benefit of the 24 Ontario college libraries.

OCLS reports to a Board of Directors elected by the Committee of Presidents of the member colleges. College Libraries Ontario (CLO), representing the directors (or designates) of libraries and learning resources of each of the 24 colleges, serves as an advisory group to OCLS, and OCLS participates in CLO meetings.

OCLS is an institutional member of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) and the American Library Association (ALA).

Annual Performance and Value Indicators

A key element of OCLS's strategic plan 2015-2020 is our commitment to demonstrate value. Since 2013, OCLS has been reporting performance and value indicators to its stakeholders. Starting in the 2015-2016 fiscal year, we are also releasing a visual summary of these indicators, available below.