ACCESS Project

RFQ to Explore Shared Library Systems (Phase 1) (RFQ #2016-002)

The ACCESS Project originated from the OCLS/HLLR Library Leaders' Summit in March 2016, and aims to examine the current collaborative initiatives within the college system and explore what is possible with shared next generation ILS (integrated library systems) or library services platforms as it relates to the access of academic resources.

Objectives of the project’s first phase are to gather and synthesize information from each college on current library systems and license commitments, undertake a needs assessment, and explore the marketplace of library service platforms. The outcomes of this project will be a greater understanding of the positioning, timing, nimbleness, and interest of all 24 libraries to engage with shared library systems.

The ACCESS Project team began their work in September 2016, and the first phase of the project is scheduled to end April 1, 2017.  

Project Team Members:

  • Jason Bird, Chair (Sault College)
  • Danielle Emon (Loyalist College)
  • Jane Foo (Seneca College)
  • Katrina Hansen (Centennial College)
  • Erin Williams (Fanshawe College)
  • Zack Osborne (OCLS)
  • Stacey Boileau (OCLS)

Phase 1 of the ACCESS Project will be carried out by Crosby Group Consulting.