OCLS's consortial ERMS has moved to ConsortiaManager!

ERMA is no longer in service.

ConsortiaManager (CM)

College users can still find Documents on their dashboard (e.g., invoices, Deposit Account reports, CLEAR usage stats).

Information about the colleges is still available in the Colleges section of this website.

ConsortiaManager is an eResource Management System (ERMS) designed for library consortia.

It is an interactive online platform through which the colleges may:

  • Receive notifications of pending renewals
  • Confirm and cancel renewals
  • Find or request quotes
  • Acquire new eresources
  • Find information about their past and current subscriptions
  • Find product information
  • Update their college's data e.g., user contacts, IP ranges
  • Find licensing information and files
  • Find title list files or links to vendor self-serve pages
Access to ConsortiaManager

All known college contacts received an email to set up their account and log in to ConsortiaManager on August 15th, 2022.

For assistance, please contact Michelle Ng

Using ConsortiaManager

For information about how to use ConsortiaManager, log in and click on the question icon in the website ribbon.

Primary Contacts for the eResources service should review the Renewal Quickstart Guide.