Welcome to ERMA, your eResources Management Assistant!

ERMA provides access to information about consortial trials and offers, and subscriptions managed for the Ontario colleges by OCLS — including pricing details, licensing documents and permitted uses information, vendor contact info, instructions on how to access usage statistics, and much more. Explore ERMA’s sub-pages using the navigation menu in the sidebar on the right.

In order to visit ERMA, you must be logged in to the website and your account must be configured with the proper permissions. You can log in using the form at the bottom of this page (only visible when not logged in) or by clicking on “LOGIN” in the website header. If you encounter any difficulty accessing ERMA, please contact Nicole Morgan.

For more details about how to navigate ERMA, and what kinds of information you can find there, please refer to the ERMA Training Guide.

ERMA Training Guide