About askON

askON is a real-time chat and SMS information service that offers immediate, interactive, and knowledgeable help on-line.

Using chat and SMS communication, askON staff provide research guidance, info about college library services, and can help visitors navigate other online resources. Visitors can request a transcript of their chat conversation with askON Staff to their email address, but email addresses will not be stored. askON ensures that visitor privacy is completely protected.


askON is a collaboration of college libraries, each of whom contribute staff and funds to make the service possible. Using state-of-the-art software from LibraryH3lp, askON offers 68 hours of service to college students each week.


askON undergoes an annual third party service evaluation in order to ensure askON visitors experience the highest level of reference service.



© OCLS acknowledges the leadership and support that askON and Knowledge Ontario provided from 2006-2012.