Searching the OCLS Website

If you have an account on the OCLS website, you should sign in before performing your search. Search results for unauthenticated users may, in some cases, only return publicly-accessible content and, in other cases, content that links to the website sign in page.

Simple Search

The simple search form available in the top-right corner of the website performs, by default, a keyword search using the "and" boolean operator. For example, the search statement coutts pricing will perform the same search as coutts AND pricing. You can manipulate the search behaviour by using different boolean operators, phrases, and content type codes, as described below.

Boolean Operators
And (default) AND coutts AND pricing
Or OR toolkit OR portal
Not - apa -ebsco
Phrase Search

To search for a specific combination and order of words, wrap your search statement in quotation marks. E.g. "cataloguing workflow."

Content Type Codes

Content type codes are similar to field codes in a database search. There are several different types of content published on the OCLS website: for example, news is one type of content, and events are another. By using a content type code in the search field, you can limit your search results to a particular content type. Most of the content type codes are straightforward (e.g. the code for events is "event"), but some are not, so please refer to the list below. To use a content type code, include "type:code" in your search statement, replacing "code" with the actual code. E.g. type:event ebsco.

Content Type
Basic web pages page
Documents documents
Events event
Licences (an ERMA content type) licence
News blog
Offers or trials (an ERMA content type) contract
eResources (an ERMA content type) resource
Subscription (an ERMA content type) subscription
Vendors (an ERMA content type) vendor

Advanced Search

Another way to limit your search results by content type and/or to perform a phrase search is by using the advanced search form.

To access the advanced search form, first run a simple search as described above. The advanced search form can be found on the search results page, minimized between the search field and the results list. You can expand the advanced search section by clicking on "Advanced Search."

Screenshot of web search results screen with pointer icon indicating the "Advanced Search" section, which is closed by default, and appears between the search bar and the search results