OCLS releases updated model licence

October 18, 2018

The OCLS model licence is an important tool used by the OCLS eResources team to negotiate the most advantageous licence terms and conditions as possible for the Ontario college libraries. Developed in 2013 using best practices from other Canadian library consortia, it also included input from the college libraries’ Copyright Interest Group (CIG) and AODA Committee. The model licence gives OCLS leverage to negotiate with vendors and language to help ensure that key terms and conditions important to the colleges are included. 

In 2016, OCLS began a project to review, revise, and update of the OCLS Model Licence. The project focused on reviewing the existing licence and making changes based on the current licensing procedures of the OCLS eResources team, while also looking at licensing best practices from other relevant model licences such as those produced by LibLicense and Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN). Members of the Copyright Interest Group and AODA committee again worked with OCLS to ensure that the revised model licence continues to meet the needs of the Ontario college libraries. The revised model licence has also reviewed by OCLS’s legal counsel.

The updated OCLS model licence has been finalized and is now available. OCLS has already begun to use it in its negotiations with vendors. OCLS wishes to express our appreciation to CRKN for allowing us to repurpose many sections of their model licence.

As with the original model licence, the college libraries are welcome to use and repurpose the updated OCLS model licence in their own licence negotiations with vendors. To provide additional support for individual college library licensing activities, OCLS has several initiatives underway, including:

  • creating a version of the model licence that is formulated for individual college libraries to easily plug in their own institutional information
  • developing an annotated model licence, which will act as a resource for college library staff to learn more about the licensing process, each section of the licence agreement, and other information about licence negotiations

We will share more information as these documents become available. For more information, please contact Coralee Leroux, eResources & Services Coordinator at cleroux@ocls.ca