The Learning Portal launches today

September 5, 2017

The Learning Portal, an exciting collaboration between Ontario college libraries, several Ontario college learning centres, and OCLS, launched today September 5, 2017 at

As announced last winter, the Learning Portal delivers open learning resources and services for Ontario’s college students, while providing consistent library and learning centre support for faculty. The portal also supports partnerships with OntarioLearn and eCampusOntario.

The Learning Portal’s resources and tools are organized into six hubs, which include learning modules or tutorials, often comprised of video, text, and self-directed assessments; definitions or glossaries; links to additional materials like worksheets or handouts; and tips for assignment success. New content will continue to be added throughout 2017 and 2018, including more writing modules, French content and a module for math and critical thinking. A Faculty Toolkit includes resources to support faculty with accessibility and copyright compliance, tips on integrating indigenous topics into courses, and more.

The Research Hub includes the Virtual Help pilot chat service, developed in partnership with askON. Students and faculty are now able to connect with college library staff through chat to get help with research for papers, assignments, and other academic projects, or to find out what their library can do for them.

OCLS is proud to participate in the development of the Learning Portal, a truly collaborative initiative that pulled together expertise, dedication and talent from many Ontario college libraries. Visit the Learning Portal today!

If you have any questions, please contact