Introducing the Learning Portal

December 5, 2016

Learning Portal Logo

Formerly known as the Ontario College Digital Library (OCDL), The Learning Portal / Le Portail d'Apprentissage is a collaboration between the Ontario college libraries (HLLR), several Ontario college learning centres, and the Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS). The project began in 2015 as a library support space built within OntarioLearn but has grown to include a standalone website. The project aims to provide easy and equitable access to open learning resources and services to Ontario's online college students and to provide a consistent, province-wide academic support platform for faculty to use for course and assignment design.

Drawing on the best practices, knowledge, and resources of the Ontario college libraries and learning centres, the Learning Portal includes two instances: a standalone open-access portal built on LibGuides, which is available to all distance education students, and the delivery of open learning resources delivered via the OntarioLearn portal.

The Learning Portal envisions a space that includes:

  • Direct links to college libraries' websites
  • Digital resources to support teaching and learning
  • Centralized virtual help
  • Learning objects, tutorials, videos, and other tools through 6 Academic Hubs:

Learning Portal Academic Hubs

The links to college library websites have been achieved, and a link to a shared streaming video collection by the college libraries is included in the OntarioLearn portal. The Academic Hubs will launch over the coming year, with the soft launch in December including a "How to Do Research" learning object, six study skills learning objects ( time management, procrastination, critical reading, note taking, test and exam taking, and online group work), three academic writing learning objects, and several digital literacy learning objects. There is also a link to the new Learning Portal YouTube channel.

The Learning Portal is actively seeking participants for the Learning Objects, eResources, and Virtual Services working groups. If you'd like to join one of the working groups, please contact your HLLR representative to express your interest. Additionally, you may be approached by a project member about using one of your library's learning objects in one of the Learning Portal's Academic Hubs.

Please visit the Learning Portal at to see how the project is progressing. You can also visit the Learning Portal Project Site for more details, including a project timeline and committee participants. The site includes a regular project manager's update, which you can sign up to receive via email. We also invite you to review the Learning Portal Talking Points, which provides talking points for college library staff to use when discussing the project with college faculty and administration.