Federated Search Folded into eResources Management in 2020/21

January 6, 2020

As OCLS's services and structure has changed over time, the division between our eResources Management and Federated Search services has become obsolete, and OCLS has decided to fold Federated Search into the publicly-funded eResources Management service. This change will come into effect for the 2020/21 fiscal year. Please note the following consequences of this change.

Payment for resources once acquired under the Federated Search service will be looped into the colleges’ OCLS eResources Deposit Account. By default, these resources will appear on the colleges’ 2020/21 Deposit Account Estimates. Separate invoicing is still available upon request. Please contact Holly Sarvari hsarvari@ocls.ca if you’d like to continue separate invoicing for your Federated Search resources after 2019/20.

2019/20 is the final year the colleges will be charged a cost-recovery service fee for Federated Search. The cost-recovery fee invoices will be issued in January or February, after all of the colleges’ 2019/20 Federated Search acquisitions/renewals have been invoiced by the vendors.

  • For those colleges who have already been invoiced for their resource fees (the summer EBSCO renewals), the upcoming Federated Search invoice will include only their 2019/20 cost-recovery service fee.
  • For those colleges with January Ex Libris renewals, their 2019/20 Federated Search invoice will include their cost-recovery fee as well as their resource fee.
  • Once the invoices are available on the OCLS website, an email notification will be send to the colleges’ Invoicing contacts, per usual. To identify your college’s Invoicing contact(s), filter the College Contacts directory on the OCLS website by the “Groups” field.

To identify your college’s current and past Federated Search resources, library staff with advanced access to the OCLS website can filter the “All” index in their college’s My Subscriptions by the “Account” field, selecting “Federated Search.” Subscription records for these products in 2020/21 will say “Deposit Account” in the “Account” field instead (or “Not out of Deposit Account,” if separate invoicing has been requested), but historical records will be kept as-is.

If you have any questions, please contact Nicole Morgan nmorgan@ocls.ca.