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By Zack Osborne, Information Technology Systems and Services Coordinator

OCLS is pleased to announce that our askON virtual reference service is transitioning to a new, web-based platform, which will go live in September. The new platform, LibraryH3lp, offers many exciting features including in-platform access to library profiles, askON policies, tools, and resources. The system also streamlines the chat process, allowing college staff working on askON to easily pick up chats, access and create canned messages, and communicate with colleagues from within the platform.

By Marcia Steeves, Copyright Technician, Fleming College Library

Fleming College Library's initial interest in the digital repository project stemmed from a collection of archival photographs in our College's Archives. A wide selection of the photographs had been scanned by a team of Archive volunteers over the past 6 years, but other than being stored on our local network we had no way of making them accessible to our students, staff, faculty and community at large.

By Nicole Morgan, Services and Support Associate

By Zack Osborne, IT Systems & Services Coordinator, OCLS

Several colleges contributed to OCULA's call for events and making activities. OCULA Spring dinner attendees voted on their favourite events using a set of criteria.

OCLS would like to congratulate Centennial and George Brown college for their Member's Choice Awards:

  • Best Event to Develop Students’ Problem-solving and/or Critical Thinking Skills: #24 Lego Challenge, Centennial College
  • Best Event to Foster Cross-collaboration and/or Bring Together Different Academic Communities: #29 CHCA Pop-Up Library, George Brown College

Read OCULA's post for the rest of the winners and more.

The following report by Ace Project Assistants Mari Vihuri and Sue Beazley, shows the latest and greatest about our Ace Pilot Project.

by Mari Vihuri & Sue Beazley, ACE Project Assistants at OCUL Scholars Portal

The Colleges’ Object Repository (CORe) offers college libraries the opportunity to develop customized digital repositories to create, maintain and share accessible digital objects. In April, 5 pilot college libraries went live on CORe; Fleming, George Brown, Georgian, Loyalist and Seneca, and the door is open for more libraries to create repositories for their student projects, photographs, archival documents and other important digital resources.

by Corinne Abba, Chair, AODA Committee for Ontario College Libraries

The Marrakesh Treaty is also known as the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired, or Otherwise Print Disabled. This treaty promotes and supports the provision of accessible works to people with visual and print disabilities without requiring the permission of copyright holders. To implement the treaty signatories will be required to enact domestic copyright laws which contain an exception for visually impaired and print disabled people, and they will be required to allow for the import and export of accessible versions of books and other copyrighted works without copyright holder permission. (It is worth noting that Canada’s Copyright Modernization Act already has these provisions in place).