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OCLS is pleased to announce the launch of OCLS Atrium, our new collaborative workspace for the Ontario college libraries!  Officially launching tomorrow, Tuesday, August 30th, 2016, OCLS Atrium will support all the activity that used to exist in 03, including document sharing, collaborative calendars, discussion boards, and more!

Members of the spaces that were migrated from O3 can expect an email tomorrow with information about how to access their new Atrium spaces. The URL for accessing Atrium’s public spaces will also be provided here tomorrow.

We hope our new OCLS Atrium workspace provides a fresh environment to support collaboration and collective activity amongst the college libraries.

HLLR and OCLS are pleased to announce the launch of the CLEAR central instance on August 22, 2016. CLEAR, which stands for College Libraries Electronic Access Rights, brings Scholars Portal’s OCUL Usage Rights (OUR) database to the college libraries. The CLEAR central instance allows college libraries to display permitted uses to students, faculty, and staff for eresources that have licence agreements negotiated by OCLS, enabling library users to see at a glance how they can use a specific resource.

ACE logoThis summer the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL) announced that its Accessible Content ePortal (ACE) had reached an important milestone. In collaboration with Internet Archive Canada, 10,000 titles are now digitized and available via ACE to support the research needs of academic library users with print disabilities in Ontario. Beginning as an OCUL pilot project in 2013, ACE became a core Scholars Portal service the following year, and in 2015 the service was extended to the Ontario Colleges Library Service (OCLS).

Centennial College - Ashtonbee CampusCentennial College’s Ashtonbee Campus is one of five new buildings celebrating their Ontario Library Association (OLA) 2016 Library Building Award, presented to them in July 2016. The OLA Library Building Awards showcase excellent architectural design of libraries in Ontario.

Sue Beazely profile pictureOCLS is pleased to announce the appointment of Sue Beazely as Project Coordinator for the Colleges’ eBook Consortium Project.

ProQuest Ebook Library (EBL) and Ebook Central platforms will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Saturday, July 23, 2016, and will be unavailable for approximately three hours, from 1:00-4:00 pm EDT.

This downtime will not affect the ebrary platform.

As of July 2017, EBSCO will no longer be providing support for Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0. Until then, all existing functionality that is currently supported in IE 8.0 and 9.0 will continue to be supported; however, new services and features released after May 2016 will only be supported in IE 10.0 or higher.

Please visit the vendor's website for more information and a list of current minimum browser requirements for EBSCO.

From the vendor:

In an effort to provide the best possible service for your EBSCO subscriptions and services, we are making adjustments to our supported browsers. Beginning in July 2017, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 8.0 or 9.0 due to security risks.To avoid any service interruptions, please make all recommended browser updates before July 2017.

This is a brief update to let you know that there will be a change in how upgrades are handled in ERMA. Up until now, if you've upgraded a subscription either mid-term or upon your renewal, we've indicated this in the subscription title. Going forward, subscription titles will no longer include information about upgrades and you will see "Upgrade" listed in the Status field instead. Any other relevant information about your upgrade will be found under Notes.

For example, if you upgrade from LN Academic Core to LN Academic Plus, the subscription information for your upgraded product would be:

Previously Now

LN Academic Plus (Upgrade)

Status: New

LN Academic Plus

Status: Upgrade

OCLS is pleased to announce the appointment of Mari Vihuri as Acting Project Manager of the Colleges’ eBook Consortium Project.