Announcing the Launch of CLEAR

August 16, 2016

HLLR and OCLS are pleased to announce the launch of the CLEAR central instance on August 22, 2016. CLEAR, which stands for College Libraries Electronic Access Rights, brings Scholars Portal’s OCUL Usage Rights (OUR) database to the college libraries. The CLEAR central instance allows college libraries to display permitted uses to students, faculty, and staff for eresources that have licence agreements negotiated by OCLS, enabling library users to see at a glance how they can use a specific resource.

The central instance of CLEAR contains permitted uses information for over 200 resources managed by OCLS on behalf of the college libraries, and replaces the permitted uses summaries previously posted on the eResources Portal. The central instance is available at no cost to the college libraries and is not to be confused with the CLEAR pilot project that provides colleges with their own local instance of CLEAR. Any college wishing to participate in the pilot should contact Coralee Leroux.

Starting August 22, licences and permitted uses for eresources managed by OCLS will no longer be posted on the Portal. Licence documents can now be found on licence nodes for eresources in ERMA, along with links to the associated permitted uses in CLEAR. You can also find a full list of all licences negotiated by OCLS by visiting, or by selecting “Licences” from the ERMA menu.

For information about how CLEAR will replace permitted uses summaries on the Portal, as well as how to share permitted uses with your users and interpret permitted uses summaries, please plan to attend one of our upcoming webinars. Webinars have been scheduled on August 23, 11am-12pm, and September 13, 2-3pm. Please see the event pages for more information.