Announcing the eResources Tracking Tool Project

December 1, 2020

In partnership with the eResources Steering Committee, OCLS’s eResources team is pleased to announce the launch of the Tracking Tool Project!

The development of a tracking and selection tool for consortial eresources has been discussed under various guises over the past two years. In this phase, we will focus on the “tracking” aspect and build a database of metadata records for all of the colleges’ licensed online resources (including those subscribed to independently of OCLS).

The first stage of the project will kick off in January 2021 with a series of focus groups to explore college use cases and requirements for the tracking tool.

Tracking Tool Project Site

Visit the Tracking Tool project site for information about:

  • Where the project came from
  • What we intend to achive
  • Project scope
  • The January focus groups

Information will continue to be added there as the project progresses, so feel free to check the project site whenever you’d like an update!

If you have any questions about the Tracking Tool, please contact a member of the OCLS eResources team or your eResources Steering Committee regional representative.