Sales Contact: 

  • For Consortia Canada offers (e.g. Globe & Mail, VHA), please contact OCLS
  • For discovery products and "management solutions" (i.e. what used to be available through SerialsSolutions) and for ExLibris products: Peggy Whiting (331) 276-3182
  • For Bowker resources (e.g. RCL and GBIP): Paul Shannon (888) 269-5372 x53544
  • For ebooks (including Ebook Central): Jenni Wilson (312) 339-0587
  • All other ProQuest eresources (including RefWorks and Alexander Street Press): Barbara Waddell (800) 521-0600 x74931

Tech. Support Contact: 

Alexander Street Press:
Ebook Central:


ProQuest retired SerialsSolutions in 2014 and acquired ExLibris in 2015, at which point they merged these divisions into one which is currently now known as "ExLibris - a ProQuest Company."