The following is a list of contacts for the vendors that OCLS works with through our eResources Management service.

College library staff are welcome to contact these vendors directly at any time, except in the case of eresource offers through Consortia Canada for which we ask that you contact OCLS eResources staff first so that we may direct your inquiries through the proper channels.

To locate a vendor on this page, scroll down through the alphabetical listing or use your browser's Find function, which is usually accessible via Ctrl+F in Windows and Apple command icon+F in OSX.

To access a full vendor record, click on the vendor's name.

For contact information for vendors that OCLS has developed service agreements with under our Contract Management service (for selection, acquisitions, cataloguing, and processing-related library services for the colleges), please see the Contract Management Vendor & Services Information page.


Sales Contact: 

BCI on behalf of ConCan. Please contact OCLS directly.

Tech. Support Contact: 

Canadian e-Resource Solutions

Sales Contact: 
  • For Consortia Canada offers (e.g. Britannica), please contact OCLS
  • All other eresources from this vendor: Leonard Kirkness 1 (866) 760-0487
Tech. Support Contact: 

For Britannica: Jim Paulson (800) 621-3900 x7375


Canadian e-Resource Solutions used to be known as EduReference. EduReference went out of business in 2017 and was replaced by Canadian e-Resource Solutions.

Infobase Learning resources used to be available through EduReference. As of 2015, McIntyre Media is now the exclusive distributor of these resources.

Dundurn Group

Sales Contact: 

No current subscriptions with this vendor.


Sales Contact: 
  • For Consortia Canada offers (e.g. BNNA), please contact OCLS
  • All other EBSCO eresources: Nancy Gormley (800) 653-2726 x2520
Tech. Support Contact: or (800) 758-5995


Sales Contact: 
  • Cat Express: Andy Spilioe (888) 658-6583
  • Oxford University Press (OUP): Daniel Boivin (888) 658-6583; for ConCan offers, however, please contact OCLS
Tech. Support Contact: 

Oxford University Press:


Sales Contact: 
  • For Consortia Canada offers (e.g. Globe & Mail, VHA), please contact OCLS
  • For discovery products and "management solutions" (i.e. what used to be available through SerialsSolutions) and for ExLibris products: Peggy Whiting (331) 276-3182
  • For Bowker resources (e.g. RCL and GBIP): Paul Shannon (888) 269-5372 x53544
  • For ebooks (including Ebook Central): Jenni Wilson (312) 339-0587
  • All other ProQuest eresources (including RefWorks and Alexander Street Press): Barbara Waddell (800) 521-0600 x74931
Tech. Support Contact: 

Alexander Street Press:
Ebook Central:
ExLibris - A ProQuest Company:


ProQuest retired SerialsSolutions in 2014 and acquired ExLibris in 2015, at which point they merged these divisions into one which is currently now known as "ExLibris - a ProQuest Company."


Sales Contact: 
  • For CQ Press or Adam Matthew products:
    • For Consortia Canada Adam Matthew offers: BC ELN and COPPUL on behalf of ConCan (please contact OCLS directly).
    • For all other CQ Press or Adam Matthew products: Paul Houghtaling (805) 490-7340
  • For any other SAGE products: David Seminaro (847) 949-1663
Tech. Support Contact: 
  • For access information, MARC records, usage statistics, or billing inquiries: Kathy Holland
  • For IP trial promotion, marketing resources, usage strategy or consortia promotions, contact: Angela Carlson, Senior Marketing Manager (805) 300-8813


Sales Contact: 

Sean O’Connor

(212) 201-6954

WGSN and Stylesight used to be two separate companies, but they merged in late 2013 and the unified company is now known as WGSN.