USP-National Formulary

This page is for the United States Pharmacopeia and The National Formulary (USP–NF) online resource. OCLS does not currently manage any subscriptions to this resource.


This resource used to be available for IP authentication with limited concurrent user access. In 2018, however, the vendor migrated this resource to a new platform with individual U/P access only. Individual users were set up and managed by library staff with admin access, and authenticated against an institutional UID (a "Subscription Key").

The college subscriber that we represented at that time was not permitted to renew in 2019, and instead was offered free access until 2022. The vendor would not renew the licence agreement that OCLS had negotiated for academic use. We also discovered shortly thereafter (in December 2018) that the authentication method had changed yet again: the institutional UID system had been abandoned, and individual users would be authenticated against a registered institutional email domain.

When we last spoke in 2018, the vendor said that they were in discussion about how to incorporate academic institutions into their new pricing/access model. Under the eResources Management service model implemented in 2020, interested colleges should contact the vendor directly for updated information/acquisition options.