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UpToDate  is a professional point-of-care tool. From the vendor:

Over 1.9 million clinicians worldwide trust UpToDate to make the best care decisions.

Access Details Notes

Authorized Users

Access is for Authorized Users, with pricing based on Relevant FTE (as determined by the vendor; generally speaking, this will include enrollment in nursing and pharmaceutical programs), unless the institution can demonstrably limit access to a certain subset of users through their EZproxy.

Authentication Methods

Traditional IP access and authentication is not permitted with UpToDate (UTD). The UTD system requires that each user is identified with a UID. One access method currently employed by some Ontario colleges is described below. Other methods may also be available (e.g. through an API and/or SSO integration between the institution's EZproxy and the UTD system).

Manual Access Method

The library must first configure their proxy server for access to UTD and provide their users with the proxied access URL. The vendor will configure the UTD system for access by the institution's proxy server IP address only (no site IPs).

Users have to access through the proxy server in order to create their individual accounts. Once created, they can use their account from anywhere, including outside of the proxy server (logging into the UTD website directly).

If a user chooses to access UTD directly, however, in order for their account to remain active, they have to access through the proxy server at least every 90 days. Users who continually access through the proxied URL will be automatically revalidated each time and will skip the suspension/revalidation process.) Notification emails are sent to the email address registered for the user account in advance of the account's suspension.

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Username/Password, Remote Access

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