Taylor & Francis eJournals

Taylor & Francis ejournals are available for purchase as individual titles and as collections. For more information, visit the vendor's website for librarians: the Taylor & Francis LibSite.

eJournals are licensed on a site licence basis. Default pricing is for a single site (campus), although multi-site licensing is also available for an additional fee. The Taylor & Francis Libraries (see below) usually include multi-site access, however (depending on the size/proximity of the sites).

Individual Titles

Titles are available for individual purchase which includes perpetual access*. Prorating is not available for mid-year subscriptions as the price is based on the purchase of content, not on the subscription term. Pricing available online (on the public access pages of Taylor & Francis Online) is for single-site institutions. Multi-site pricing is also available upon request; FTE, and size and location of relevant sites, will be taken into consideration. Perpetual access is available for the year's content to which you subscribe. Subscriptions also bring a rolling 20-year backfile access which is available while the subscription is active, but not for perpetual access.

Title-by-Title Archive Subscriptions

When a journal title has content from prior to 1997 available online, you can access that content on a subscription basis for a slightly higher price than you would pay for a standard title subscription.


eJournal collections are priced based on overlap with the subscriber's "core collection" of individual title subscriptions. From the vendor: "When participating in a Subject Collection or Library Package all core subscriptions must be renewed, either in print + online or online-only format, no outright cancellations.  Duplicate subscriptions may be substituted for items of equal or greater value only.  You may swap up to 10% of spend for journals of equal or greater value (5% max of society titles).  Existing subscriptions for newly acquired or transfer titles must be renewed."

Content in the ejournal collections are available on a subscription basis only (no perpetual access), with the exception of Archive collections a.k.a. the Online Journal Archive. Subscriptions also bring a rolling 20-year backfile access.

Collections are licensed for multi-site access.

Taylor & Francis Libraries

The Library collections are only available for three-year subscription terms. The vendor offers highly-discounted "small school pricing" that, we are told, would apply to several of the Ontario colleges.

  • Social Science and Humanities (SSH) Library
  • Science & Technology Library
  • Medical Library
  • Combined Library — a combination of the above
FRESH Collections

From the vendor's website: "Our newest journals are showcased in the Taylor & Francis FRESH Journals Collection, which combines over 140 dynamic young titles in volumes 3-7 and is available to Taylor & Francis Library customers at an exclusive discount on list price. Customers can choose between FRESH Science & Technology, FRESH Social Science & Humanities or the complete FRESH Collection."

Subject Collections

A variety of journal collections are available based on subject coverage. For a current list, please visit the vendor's website.

Archive Collections

Also known as the Online Journal Archives, and Subject Archives, these are subject collections that provide perpetual access* to their content.

Article Pass

From the vendor:

Taylor & Francis Article Pass is an initiative that enables users to access the Taylor & Francis journal articles they need via a pre-paid system, providing a gateway to a wealth of unsubscribed content.

When a subscriber buys tokens they cannot cancel any current subscriptions if they have any.  It is cheaper than buying individual articles and is must faster than ILLs.

*Note that there are no ongoing platform/access/hosting fees for perpetual access content.


Taylor & Francis Online: http://www.tandfonline.com/

For information about the mobile platform, visit the vendor’s website at http://www.tandfonline.com/page/help/mobile.

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MARC records are available for download via your institutional account. For more information, contact the vendor's technical support.

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Log into http://www.tandfonline.com using the username and password provided for your institution. For more information, see the "Librarians: Usage Reports" page on the vendor's website. For assistance, please contact the vendor directly. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA.

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