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From the vendor:

A global leader in ESG & corporate governance research & ratings.

With a subscription for full coverage on Sustainalytics' resesarch platform Global Access, ESG, Controversy, and Product Involvement research is available for the 32 indexes (approx. 4200 companies) that make up Sustainalytics research universe. In addition, subscribers are able to access the Report Generation tool within Global Access. This tool allows users to create custom made reports including any and all available data that are exportable as Excel or CSV files.

Aside from full coverage (i.e. global coverage), institutions can subscribe at the index level, regional level, or data type (e.g. ESG only).


Global Access. For a highlight of the key features of the Global Access online portal, watch this webinar recording from the vendor.

Note that remote access via EZproxy is not guaranteed by the vendor. While EZproxy access works for some institutions, the vendor has received reports of issues from other institutions, and they are unwilling to provide support to troubleshoot or revolve these issues. Regarding remote access in general, from the vendor: "At this time, there is not a different method for Sustainalytics to make our data widely available across a campus in an efficient manner. This use case is outside of what Global Access was designed to do" (27 June 2017).

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Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication

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Usage stats are available directly from the vendor. Contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA.

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