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An academic institutional subscription includes access to Statista and the Expert Tools module. Statista is only available with the Expert Tools module. It cannot be subscribed to independently of this module.

This subscription gives access to:



  • Statistics (basic and premium)
  • Dossiers
  • Market forecasts
  • Industry reports
  • Studies database
  • Sources database
  • Download formats: statistics and charts can be downloaded in PDF, Excel, Powerpoint, and PNG formats
  • Publication rights: use Statista's graphs in your external publications

The Expert Tools

Consumer Market Outlook

  • Covers 150 countries (~79% of global GDP) 
  • Revenue, revenue per capita, volume of sales, volume of sales per capita, unit price, global comparison, market indicators
  • 17 most important consumer markets
  • 155 product segments
  • Examines most relevant KPIs per market

Digital Market Outlook

  • Covers 150+ countries & regions (90% of worldwide economic power + 78% of global internet population) 
  • Revenue trends, user trends, average revenue per user, global comparison, market indicators
  • 9 digital verticals with 36 segments
  • Individual market trend forecasts
  • Explains what is behind markets related to buzzwords like Smart Home, FinTech etc  

Mobility Market Outlook

  • Key figures from the automative and mobility market 
  • Sales, revenues, prices, and brands
  • Market insights, forecasts and indicators
  • Passenger cars in 12 car classes, over 80 major makes, and 27 countries
  • Connected cars in 3 major categories in 50 countries 


  • Current key figures and forecasts on the economic and social development of a country
  • Over 150 countries
  • 70+ key performance indicators in 6 thematic segments


  • Extensive data sets (digital economy + consumer goods)
  • Templates for market modeling (external perspective) and business cases (internal perspective)
  • Feasible costs and benefits breakdown
  • Individual starting date, three currencies


  • Provides information on 40,000+ listed and private companies globally
  • Company information, key company metrics, profitability metrics, key stock performance metrics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Address information


  • 2,000,000+ studies, reports and scholarly documents from the web
  • 9 advanced filter options
  • Unpaywalled scholarly publications


Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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