Science of Early Childhood Development (SECD)

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The Science of Early Child Development (SECD) is a knowledge mobilization initiative designed to make current research accessible to anyone interested in learning more about the profound impact of the early years on lifelong health and well-being.

Beginning as a tool to help share the emerging science about early brain development and its implications for practice across sectors, SECD has grown and developed into three online living textbooks, as well as other educational resources. Regularly updated, it brings research and concepts to life with hundreds of readings, videos, links, reflect questions and interactive activities.

The standard subscription term for this resource is two years, although single year terms may be available upon request.

SECD Editions

Each edition contains the same five modules as described under Title List Notes below.

  • North American Edition: the original content.
  • International Edition: contextualized content for an international audience.
  • Introductory Edition: an abridged version of the original content that includes the same five modules, but less web text, fewer elements on each page, simplified language, and shortened research sections.
Child Development Primer

The Primer provides background information and context on the study of child development. The primer can be purchased individually or as an add-on to one of the SECD editions above.

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Title Lists

Each edition of the SECD contains the following five modules:

  • Brain Development
  • Coping & Competence
  • Communicating & learning
  • The Ecology of Childhood
  • Developmental Health

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