RDA Toolkit

From the vendor:

RDA Toolkit is an integrated, browser-based, online product that allows users to interact with a collection of cataloging-related documents and resources including RDA: Resource Description and Access.

RDA Toolkit includes:

  • RDA instructions that are searchable and browsable
  • AACR2 Rule Number Search of RDA instructions through the Advanced Search menu.
  • Workflows and other procedural documentation that is created by subscribers and can be shared within an organization or with the entire community of subscribers.
  • Mappings of RDA to different schemas, including MARC 21.
  • Two views of RDA content-by table of contents and by element set
  • Full text of AACR2
  • Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PPC PS)
  • MARC Record Examples of RDA Cataloging
  • What you need to evaluate and implement RDA; to make cataloging decisions based on principles; to increase efficiency; to facilitate collaboration; and to help position the community for the future by making bibliographic data accessible on the Web.

As part of their 3R Project (RDA Restructure and Redesign), the vendor expects to rollout a new RDA Toolkit in April 2018. For more information, please see the vendor's website: RDA Toolkit: 3R Project.

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Limited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
Content Types: 
Library Tools

Usage Stats


Login to http://admin.rdatoolkit.org/ using your institutional credentials. Click on the Reports tab to access usage statistics. You can then select the time and parameters of your report. Please contact the vendor's tech support for assistance.

Also see: http://access.rdatoolkit.org/help.php?id=rdahelp6