Polaris Intelligence

Polaris Intelligence replaced the vendor's older resource, SuperDemographics. Current SuperDemographics subscribers will be migrated to Polaris at a point to be determined between the vendor and subscriber on a case-by-case basis. New subscribers can only subscribe to Polaris.

From the vendor:

Polaris is an online research solution that connects your business with strategic consumer data, spatial and analytical intelligence.

Our dynamic reporting tools let you dive deep, slicing and dicing market reports and consumer data and turning those insights into action with a better understanding of your customers, market conditions, competitive activities and promotional trends. From in-depth demographics and lifestyle reports to consumer behaviour and product usage data, Polaris empowers you to tap into the key insights and competitive intelligence that help your business grow and prosper.

Polaris Intelligence data is sourced from Statistics Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Health Canada,Canada Post Corporation, Numeris and our proprietary databases.

Polaris Brochure (2019 PDF)

Standard ACADEMIC Subscription

A standard academic institutional subscription to Polaris includes the following content and features.

  • Canacode Lifestyle Clusters
  • Demographics
  • Spending by Category (aka Household Spending Patterns)

For a detailed list of all reports available in these categories, including sample reports, see the "Standard Reports" section on the vendor's Resource page.

Features (aka Modules)
  • Customer Profiling
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Points of Interest (POI) Analysis
  • Mapping Centre

For more information on these features, please see the vendor's Features web page.


Many of the add-ons listed on the vendor's website are not available to the academic market. Details about those that are available are provided below, although some are not available for institutional access and must be assigned to a named individual user at your institution.

Upcoming Reports (release planned for early 2018)
  • Wealth and Assets. Details (XLSX)
  • Food Spending. Details (XLSX)
  • Financial Skills and Capabilities. Details (XLSX)
  • Vividata Consumer Behaviour. According to the vendor, consumer behaviour data in Polaris, which covers many categories listed as "Add-on Reports" on the vendor's Resource page, is currently sourced from Numeris and not licensed for academic institutional use. Through a recent partnership between the vendor and Vividata, an alternate source will soon be available for this data which will be licensed for academic use and integrated into Polaris in early 2019.
Features (aka Modules)
  • Targeting. From the vendor: "Maximize your marketing ROI by targeting top prospects. Polaris' sophisticated algorithms combine multiple variables and create a target score for each prospect area, so you can focus your marketing efforts on those with the highest potential."
  • Data Mining. This module is currently under development.
  • Analytical Models. This module includes two analytical models:
    • Gravity Model. From the vendor (sent by email): "This essentially shows how far from a location (such as a store point) how far a certain concentration of customers are.  For example, 30% of the customers are located within 1.2km of the store, 50% of the customers are located within 5km from the store, and 80% of the customers are within 8.7km.  If there is a store network it can help see the differences between stores in terms of how customers are distributed geographically.  It provides the output visually in map format was well as in Excel format."
    • Customer Allocation. From the vendor (sent by email): "This module takes a customer file and allocates it to a series of points.  For example, if a retailer has a list of all customers and they want to assign each customer to the store closest to where the customer lives this module provides this output visually in a map and in Excel output."


Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Limited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access

Usage Stats


Usage stats can be provided upon request. Please contact the vendor directly; contact information can be found in the Vendors directory in ERMA.

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