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From the vendor:

Through our content peer review teams and specialty consultants (unpaid Canadian practicing pharmacists, technicians, prescribers, and nurses) our pharmacist editorial team publishes 10-12 articles monthly all of which are 30 lines or less!  We do all of the research so you don’t have to and to top it all off…we provide you with clinical recommendations as well!  The articles are concise, current, high-use information that helps anticipate patient needs and informs your clinical actions.  That’s just one part of the solution.

It also includes a TON of other resources:

  • Charts – high-volume user friendly formats
  • Technician Tutorials – case-based teaching tools geared towards technician practice
  • Algorithms- a “stepwise approach” to managing drug therapy or a disease state
  • Toolboxes – in-depth collection of evidence-based, unbiased resources on a single topic
  • Patient Education Handouts – Take-home patient friendly materials
  • Conversation Starters – help facilitate communication between you and the patient on difficult topics

Here is what’s included with access.

  • Copies of Canadian Technician Letter emailed out monthly to all the staff and students.
  •  24/7 access to from any computer (rated by many clients as their #1 drug information resource)

We deliver drug advisory and education solutions to each member of the pharmacy care team.

  • Answer the big questions in drug therapy in a timely, practical manner, all in 30 lines or less
  • Deliver details about therapeutics to expand education and awareness
  • Provide education and training to meet requirements
  • Drive awareness and education on growing trends like preventing readmissions, transitions of care, quality improvement, smoking cessation, opioid overdose prevention, and more
  • Support the need for enhanced pharmacy technician training

Canadian Pharmacy Technician Letter provides up to date, practice-changing, evidence based information in an easy to read, and understand, format along with specific recommendations.

The editorial process leverages a vast community of drug therapy experts, both in practice and in academia, to anticipate what readers need to know and consolidate complex drug-related topics into digestible bites with clear and practical recommendation.  No other resource does this.  The editors sift through evidence to determine the best evidence-based recommendations. But even more importantly, when it’s a topic that lacks sufficient evidence, Canadian Pharmacy Technician Letter compiles the available evidence and works with experts in the area to firm up practical recommendations.

The end results include improved efficiency, reduced potential for medication errors, and improved quality of care for patients. Pharmacist’s and Technicians don’t have time to sift through the literature or even read the lengthy pieces so many other drug information services provide.  Each month the service hits the big questions pharmacist are facing in practice daily in just 30 lines or less.  No other resource does this.  Additional benefits that have continued to grow in the online portion of the service include supporting details, the most practical treatment guidelines, med-guide finder, comparison charts, patient education resources and continuing education credits and tools.  These are all incorporated to support the core advisory services in Canadian Pharmacy Technician Letter.

Visit the Pharmacy Technician's Letter Canada website for access to the free content that is available there.

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Admin access is available for an additional fee. From the vendor: "It’s called PL LEARNING MANAGEMENT PORTAL. This database gives the supervisors and directors the ability to manage/guide/track education. Managers can add and remove users. You can even upload your own training materials, print reports, and send reminder emails all in one convenient place. This portal is typically used in a community or hospital based setting."

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