NEOD Nursing Center


HEAT's NEOD streaming videos (Nursing Education on Demand) are now available via the Nursing Center. Users can access the Nursing Center via an internet browser or HEAT's mobile app which is available from the App Store (for iOS) and Google Play (for Android).

NEOD Content

All NEOD videos are closed-captioned and accompanied by supplementary materials, including:

  • Learning objectives
  • Discussion questions
  • Quizzes for self-assessment (questions and answers are provided to all users)
  • Glossaries of terms

These materials are made available as components within the platform, as well as in a downloadable PDF.

NEOD content is updated throughout the duration of the subscription, and push notifications will soon be incorporated as a feature in the app so that users are notified when content is updated.

Custom Content/Self-Publishing

For an additional fee, HEAT can upload a subscribing institution's own or licensed content (documents and multimedia content) and make it available to users in a mobile-friendly format within the Nursing Center.


The Nursing Center is powered by mRendering.


Access is by individual username/password and requires subscribers to send a list of email addresses to the vendor for setup; each user then receives an email from the vendor to create their password.


For an additional fee, subscribing institutions can work with the vendor to customize the platform for their users, including to change language used in the platform (e.g. by default, HEAT programs are called "documents," but this could be changed to "program" or "video" or anything the subscriber desires), and to include their college's name and branding.

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, Username/Password, Remote Access
Content Types: 
Streaming Media, Video

Title Lists

Programs (i.e. videos) are available individually or in a series (i.e. collection). To view the series', click on "Bundle & Save" on the program listing page on the vendor's website. Pricing provided on the website and in the Excel catalogue are un-negotiated. With enough interest, OCLS would negotiate a consortial discount.


MARC Records

MARC Records: 

The vendor has offered to provide MARC records at the series level if ten or more colleges subscribe.

Usage Stats

Usage reports are available upon request, and can be customized. Subscribers may contact the vendor directly for reports and customization requests.

Licence Notes: 

Videos cannot be embedded in external websites e.g. a subscribers LMS although, of course, links to videos can be.