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No colleges currently subscribe to any Mintel resources through OCLS, although we did explore this resource for potential consortial offer after it received high votes in the February 2017 EVE votes. No colleges expressed ongoing interest after the trial, however, so discussions with the vendor were dropped. The following information is from that time and may no longer be accurate.

Mintel Reports is Mintel's eresource for academic subscribers. From the vendor:

Consumer market reports: In-depth market analysis and consumer trends.

Mintel Reports provides market size, segmentation and brand share to the business to consumer categories and industries. Each report covers what consumers are doing, how they are changing and what they think of products, services and brands. Through survey data, each report provides consumer insights by demographic and psycho-graphic.

Subscription Options

Canada Reports

The basic subscription package available to academic subscribers in Canada is Canada Reports. Several add-on packages are also available. For more information about the Canada Reports package, please see this flyer from the vendor: Canada Reports Schedule.

  • US Reports: For information about this add-on, please see this flyer from the vendor: US Reports Schedule.
  • China Reports
  • Brazil Reports
  • Ireland Reports
  • UK Reports
  • Country Reports/Travel & Tourism
  • Mintel Trends: Mintel Trends looks at patterns in consumer behavior and uses observations, or real life examples of new products and services to tell the story of a trend.

Resources from the Vendor

Slides and a recording from their June 29th, 2017 webinar, Canada vs. USA: How do these consumers compare? are available on the vendor's website:

Webinar recording

Webinar slideshow presentation

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