MarketLine Advantage


Includes Marketline Advantage, plus optional add-on modules.

From the vendor:

Marketline Advantage

Unlimited access to one of the biggest sources of company, industry and country business information.

  • Access to a platform with multi- industry and company coverage
  • Access to 90,000+ companies evaluated by analysts at varying depths including SWOT profiles
  • Access to 4,000+ Industry Profiles featuring Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • The ability to carry out up-to-date market research across industries, companies and countries
  • Comparision and understanding of the legal, business and market environments across the globe
  • Understand the retail sales dynamics of your markets, support your strategic decision-making, market entry planning, and opportunity identification processes
  • Estimation of the market potential and changing industry dynamics to determine opportunities and risks
  • Evaluation of M&A deal activity to determine the volatility and potential of various industry sectors and markets
  • Learning about marketing and corporate strategic initiatives from experts

Chartbooks Full Collection Module

MarketLine Chartbooks pull together data points from a variety of internal and external data sources to provide quick to understand and assimilate visual analysis on a variety of sectors, topics and indicators. From macroeconomic factors to leading companies, cities and sectors, each Chartbook is presented in an accessible slide-pack format and also provides to-the-point analysis and explanation of key factors behind the trends shown. The full collection includes Country Statistics, City Statistics, Company Statistics and Industry Statistics.

Value & Supply Chain Reports Module

The value & supply chain analysis reveals the business activities which comprise the industry/market/sector value & supply chain. All key stages are highlighted, along with examples of active companies, and assessments of the burning issues for every stage of the value & supply chain.

Industry Statistics Database + Industry Datafiles Module

Industry Datafiles present MarketLine’s industry data in easy to access and manipulate Excel workbooks. Each Datafile consists of industry data for 50 countries and 9 regions including Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East

For more information, see the PDF info sheets available in the attachments below or visit: Additional resources such as a sample case study, sample industry report, and a guide on the City Statistics database are included in the attachments below (must be signed into the OCLS site to view them).

Previously called Datamonitor.

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Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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Company Reports, Country Reports, Industry Profiles

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