From the vendor: "LibGuides is an easy to use Content Management System used by many thousands of libraries worldwide. Librarians use it to curate knowledge and share information by creating online Guides on any topic, subject, course, on any process, on any thing."

LibGuides subscriptions now automatically include Custom Domain Mapping, which allows you to choose your own URL for your LibGuides web site, as well as the Images & Backups Add-On Module with the following functionality:

  • Image Manager allows you to upload images directly to your guides.  
  • Individual Guide Backup creates local HTML backups of your guides. A great way to archive versions when you're making major updates to a guide.
  • XML Export (Admin-level Users Only) provides you with all of your system data in XML format.
  • Mobile Site Builder provides the functionality to customize your LibGuides mobile interface.
  • E-Reserves Module (see the vendor's website for details).
  • LibWizard Lite (see the section on LibWizard below for more details).
CMS Upgrade

Takes your LibGuides to the next level. LibGuides CMS builds upon the base LibGuides platform to make managing large amounts of content and users a breeze - everything from access restrictions, to user permissions, REST-ful APIs, granular customization options, surveys/forms tool, etc.


From the vendor: "Used by over 1,200 Libraries worldwide, LibAnswers is an end-to-end online reference platform. It helps you ensure that patrons get fast and accurate answers from their librarians - always!"

LibAnswers 2.0: Additional Queues

For an additional fee, subscribers can add queues to their LibAnswers. Queues are a way of filtering questions so that users can more easily find questions that pertain to them. Each queue comes with its own email assignment and Twitter account and, depending on the type of queue, SMS number.

LibInsight (a.k.a. LibAnalytics Insight)

From the vendor: "LibAnalytics Insight is an affordable, easy-to-use analytics platform to aggregate and organize all library statistics in one place. It enables more effective analysis of library services, helps librarians make data-driven decisions, and produces hard evidence of the library's value to the community."

LibInsight Lite (a.k.a. LibAnalytics)

From the vendor: "LibAnalytics simplifies Data Collection and Management by providing a single platform to store and analyze all library data and usage statistics. Run cross-Dataset Analysis, do Peer Comparisons, and generate Actionable Reports."


From the vendor: "LibCal is an easy to use calendaring and event management platform for libraries. Used by 1,600+ libraries worldwide, LibCal makes it a breeze to manage online calendar of events, offer room bookings online, manage the opening hours for various locations."

  • Equipment Booking module for reserving, managing equipment.


From the vendor: "LibStaffer is your one-stop shop for staff and service point scheduling. Stop relying on spreadsheets and spending countless hours manually creating schedules. LibStaffer makes it easy and lets you click those spreadsheets to the curb."


From the vendor: "LibChat enables real-time chat with librarians - on your Website, LibGuides, Courseware, Discovery tool, Catalog...anywhere. Our unique widget builder lets you create different widgets for different use-case scenarios. Full Integration with LibAnswers FAQ/Knowledge Base means patrons can find answers thru LibChat even when librarians are offline."

Note: As of February 15, 2014, if you use Internet Explorer 8 or 9 as your primary browser, you must have Flash enabled in order to access the LibChat Operator screen. If this applies to you:


LibWizard is an enhanced version of LibSurveys that was released in 2016 that includes the following components:

  • Forms Wizard
  • Surveys Wizard
  • Quiz Wizard
  • Assessment Wizard

Read more about these modules on the vendor's blog.

LibWizard Lite (a.k.a. LibSurveys)

Available as an add-on to LibGuides, this module only includes the Forms and Surveys wizards.

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, Remote Access
Content Types: 
Library Tools

Usage Stats


There are two methods to get statistics on Springshare products:

1) From the Dashboard, click on the Statistics icon, or
2) From within a Guide, click on Guide Settings and choose View Usage Statistics.

Additional info: