Kanopy Streaming Video


From the vendor:

Kanopy provides educational institutions access to one of the most unique collections of films in the world — including award-winning documentaries, training films and theatrical releases — on every topic imaginable.

More than 26,000 documentaries, art house, and indie films. Hundreds of new films released each week!

Acquisition Models


Kanopy offers subscribers the ability to subscribe to any individual films and/or curated collections from its catalogue. Subscribers will receive automated notifications for film renewals, which can be effected via the Admin Dashboard. For details, see How Do I Order or Renew A Film? on the vendor's website. Individual titles are also available for purchase.

Patron-Driven (PDA)

Kanopy's PDA model allows participating colleges to curate a collection of films from Kanopy's catalogue while only paying for films triggered by usage. For details, see the vendor's PDA Program Overview.

Request Film Feature

Available for a-la-carte and PDA subscriptions, the Request Film feature allows a college's users to request that their library add a title to their collection. This feature is optional and can be turned off upon request. For more information, see What is the "Request Film" feature? on the vendor's website.

Hosting Service

From the vendor:

Kanopy can host films that your library or institution owns the streaming rights to. It is a fairly straight-forward solution — you provide us with the video files for your films and we push them live to your Kanopy streaming website where they can be watched just like any other films you license from us. If you need any protections on film access (e.g. so that it can only be accessed by a certain class / not be accessed across the whole campus), we can put these in place.

Colleges are responsible for securing streaming rights from the rights holder before asking Kanopy to add the films to their account. Colleges are also responsible for converting their DVDs to streaming format but, before doing so, it is recommended to contact Kanopy to ask if they have the files already. For example, Kanopy may have the same title loaded for another college due to the content that OCLS transferred during the VoD-to-Kanopy migration, in which case Kanopy can simply add that title to your site. (Hosting fees would still apply, but the upload fee would be waived.)

Long videos can be uploaded as clips if desired, in which case additional metadata outlining the title of the playlist and the order of the clips will be required. (Alternatively, clip and playlist creation may be done within the platform post-upload.)

Search & Find Service (Sourcing & Acquisition of New Titles)

From the vendor:

Kanopy's "Search & Find" service provides dedicated personal support to libraries requesting high priority films in streaming. It is a complimentary service we offer which is intended to support libraries in sourcing films in streaming they need for instruction. [...] The search team will track down the rights owner for the film and negotiate for the rights.

  • Clip (chaptering) and playlist creation.
  • Titles can be embedded in LMS.
Accessibility Features

Captions and transcripts are available for most titles; for those that aren't, subscribers can submit a request for captions to be created, which will be fulfilled within 2 to 4 days.

  • Pop on method of closing captioning? Yes.
  • Upper and lower case as appropriate? Yes.
  • White lettering on a black bar or background? Yes. "We use default text display styling; most content management systems can change how captions are displayed, should you wish to do so" (vendor).
  • Ability to turn captioning on/off? Yes.
  • 26 characters per line with 2 line maximum? No: 32 characters per line with 2 line maximum.
  • Identification of different speakers (for example, it is clear when a narrator is speaking vs. when a talking head is speaking)? Yes. From the vendor: "We follow the FCC's mandates to always indicate a change of speaker and add an ID whenever it's not obvious who is talking (ie you can't see the speaker's face)."
Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
Content Types: 
Streaming Media, Video

Title Lists

MARC Records

MARC Records: 

Accessible via the Admin Dashboard. Download a sample here. For more information, see What are the characteristics of Kanopy’s records? on the vendor's website. If you do not have administrative dashboard credentials or encounter access issues, please contact the vendor directly.

Usage Stats


Accessible via the Admin Dashboard. For information, see Kanopy Analytics Introduction on the vendor's website. If you do not have administrative dashboard credentials or encounter access issues, please contact the vendor directly.