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Accelerate your science research and education.

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JoVE Education

From the vendor: Simple, easy-to-understand video demonstrations created in collaboration with top scientists and clinicians from around the world, covering a wide range of subjects in science, medicine, and engineering.

JoVE’s Education content was borne out of their Research customers asking for content to support the teaching of basic scientific concepts to an undergraduate audience. The content was specifically developed to be used as a teaching tool for undergraduate programs and community colleges.

Three Education content types are available:

  • JoVE Core textbooks, which cover basic concepts and are designed to serve as the primary assigned reading in a course
  • Lab Manuals, which support the practical lab component of a course
  • The Library series, which build on textbooks by going more in-depth into specific foundational topics.

An example provided by the vendor is that a Biology student may be assigned Chapter 4 of the Core Biology text on Monday (covering, for example, what cells are and how big they are), the “Cell Structure” Lab Manual for their lab on Wednesday, and the “Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology” from the Basic Biology series on Friday (covering, for example, how to count cells, and how to split them from a given culture into a new one).

There is no content overlap between the three JoVE Education products.

JoVE Education Library

Several JoVE Education Library series are available, each with their own sub-collections. Content continues to be developed, but as of July 2020, the available series are listed below.

  • Basic Biology
  • Physics
  • Advanced Biology
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Clinical Skills
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Psychology 

Please see the vendor’s JoVE Science Education Library home page for a current list of all available content.

JoVE Lab Manual

From the vendor: “All-in-one solution designed to resolve the issues related to lab courses by providing engaging, comprehensive, and curriculum-focused videos for both instructors and students.”

The JoVE Lab Manual is structured into subject-specific manuals. As of July 2020, two manuals are available: Biology and Chemistry.

JoVE Core

From the vendor: “Hundreds of foundational concepts are explained through high-impact animations and real-life experimentation.”

JoVE Core is structured into subject-specific “textbooks.” As of July 2020, two texts are available: Biology and Social Psychology. Two more textbooks are under development: Chemistry and Molecular Biology.

JoVE Research

JoVE’s Research content is primarily aimed at PhD students as well as lab researchers in academia, professions, and government agencies. The intention of JoVE’s Research content is to help researchers reproduce advanced scientific experiments. 

JoVE Video Journal

From the vendor: “The first scientific video journal dedicated to advancing science by increasing reproducibility and efficient knowledge transfer. Articles in our flagship product combine high-quality video demonstrations of experiments with a detailed text protocol. All content is peer-reviewed and indexed in Medline, PubMed, Web of Science, and other relevant databases.”

The JoVE Video Journal covers several content areas, including Behavior, Cancer Research, Bioengineering, and Infection. Please see the vendor’s JoVE Journal home page for a current list of all available content.

JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments

From the vendor: “The first-in-the-world online video encyclopedia of advanced research experiments. This resource enables scientists in academia and biotech to efficiently learn new experiments and research technologies to advance their work.”



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