IBISWorld provides industry market research, reports and statistics based on official data sources, about 18+ industries across 12 countries and regions.


Industry Reports 
  • Covers industries at the 5-digit level
  • 30 to 40 pages
  • Industry performance, outlook; products and markets; competitive landscape; major companies; operating conditions; key statistics
  • PDF download
  • Updated between one and four times a year.
  • Please see title lists below for industry listing per country/region
iExpert Summary Reports
  • 4-6 pages of industry facts, trends, insights summarising the industry reports
  • Bite-sized paragraphs, charts, and tables
  • Focused data on market share, key external drivers, major markets, cost structure and industry performance
  • Call Preparation Questions give insight into role-specific, external industry impacts and internal company issues
  • Bundled into subscriptions to the Industry Reports
Specialized Industry Research
  • Niche and emerging industry reports
  • Same level of granularity as Industry Reports
  • Please see title lists below for industry listing per country/region
Business Environment Profiles
  • Covers consumer behavior, demographics, domestic economy, financial markets etc
  • Proprietary forecasts on hundreds of economic indicators
  • Available for: US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand


Canadian NAICS
  • Canadian Industry Reports
  • Canadian iExpert Summary Reports
Ontario Provincial Reports

Ontario-specific Industry Reports. Please see title lists below for industry listing.

  • US Industry Reports
  • US iExpert Summary Reports
  • US Specialized Industry Report
  • US Business Environment Profiles

Industry Reports are also available for:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Europe (EU, France, Germany, Ireland, Spain)
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand

Specialized Industry Reports are also available for:

  • Australia
  • UK
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