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The leading library of management research.

Current Collections

"The 2019 eJournal collections feature 185,000 articles from more than 300 journals, providing comprehensive coverage of management and complementary specialist subjects."

Current Emerald ejournals are available for subscription, which includes perpetual access to content published over the course of the subscription, as well as temporary access to select archive content while the subscription is active. For more details, please see the vendor's "eJournal Collections" page, or their brochure:

2019 eJournals Collections (PDF from the vendor)

eJournals Premier

"A complete eJournals solution providing access to the latest research for the maximum value, this premium collection provides access to all current content and selected archive material for all Emerald eJournals."

eJournal Subject Collections

"Tailoring resources by choosing only the subject areas relevant to your institution."

Emerald's ejournal subject collections are organized into two distinct portfolios. Each ejournal collection is available independently.

Management eJournals Portfolio

"As an established leader in management research, this portfolio of over 200 journals provides essential coverage of relevant topics within all management disciplines."

The Management eJournals Portfolio includes the following subject collections:

  • Accounting, Finance & Economics
  • Business Management & Strategy
  • HR, Learning & Organization Studies
  • Information & Knowledge Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations, Logistics & Quality
  • Property Management & Built Environment
  • Public Policy & Environmental Management
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management
Specialist eJournals Portfolio

"Developed through strong support of our subject communities, each collection is dedicated to publishing the latest, topical research at the forefront of its field."

The Specialist eJournals Portfolio includes the following subject collections:

  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health & Social Care
  • Library Studies

Backfiles Collections

"Preserving over 100 years of management research online, this collection provides access to over 129,000 articles from more than 260 journals dating back to 1898."

Backfiles are available for perpetual access purchase by subject collection, or as the complete Backfiles Premier collection. Please see the vendor's "Backfiles Collections" page for details, or their brochure:

2018 Backfiles Collections (PDF from the vendor)


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