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From the vendor:

Credo Online Reference Service enhances the research experience through authoritative reference content and a one-stop exploratory search platform that drives usage of all trusted library resources. The user-friendly interface is ideal for students starting their research, or learning about the research process during information literacy instruction. Students looking up current events and controversial topics benefit from the Real-time Reference featured search category, which provides frequently-updated, credible background information on issues unfolding in the headlines. With more than 700 searchable, full-text titles from 100+ publishers, Credo covers every major subject.

Subscribers to Credo's Online Reference Service select a core collection of content: either Academic, School, Public, or Complete. These collections can then be enhanced by adding subject collections (Credo's Essentials Collections) or individual titles.

A recording of a Credo webinar for the Ontario college libraries from May 2017 is available at

Academic Core (from the vendor):

The Academic Core Collection covers the primary disciplines of Higher Education, providing students with the reference tools they need to perform research at any level of study.

With regular updates, this Collection includes over 650 titles with particular emphasis on subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and reference handbooks. Also included are over 1,000 short reference videos, nearly 300,000 high-resolution art images, and thousands of additional images across all subject areas. Subject coverage is especially diverse and equipped to address all key disciplines. Combining authoritative content with innovative, customizable technology that links users of reference through to all their library resources, this collection is available for subscription.

(Note that Academic Core used to be called "Premium Academic Core," which differentiated it from the limited content collections that were available. These collections, however, are no longer available.)

Academic Core is also available on Credo's Literati platform. All of the colleges currently subscribe to the Online Reference Service platform.

Essentials Collections (from the vendor):

Credo’s Essentials Collections bring foundational reference titles to your students’ and faculty research activities while maintaining responsible stewardship of your library budget. 26 targeted Essentials Collections offer top-tier reference titles: award-winning, noteworthy, and peer-acclaimed. Available collections include dozens of subjects, and are curated by Credo, including seamless updating of titles, additions of newly-acquired content and weeding to ensure continued relevance. Essentials Collections are full-text and searchable alongside the content in the Credo Online Reference Service platform.

Individual Titles

Reference titles are available for one-time purchase. From the vendor:

Credo has selected the best in-depth reference titles from more than 100 publishers and provides these for perpetual purchase or as part of subscriptions to Essentials Collections. These 3,500+ titles are available and searchable alongside the content in the Credo Online Reference Service platform.


Formerly know as InfoLit Modules. From the vendor:

Instruct provides ACRL-aligned multimedia materials to help librarians teach and assess foundational skills to students while aligning information literacy practices with faculty. Choose from included information literacy and/or critical thinking content packages, and begin incorporating high-quality videos, tutorials, and quizzes into your teaching. Highly flexible and customizable, Instruct can supplement online, in-class, or point-of-need instruction. The included Credo Insights assessment platform allows you to measure student progress, report results, and demonstrate the value of your library instruction.

Issue Briefs

From the vendor:

Going beyond the headlines, Issue Briefs dig deeply into issues to explain their relevance in the modern world and expose both sides of the story.

Providing a valuable source of current context for students performing research, articles are reviewed by an editorial board of seasoned journalism professionals, ensuring each Issue Brief meets the highest of journalistic standards. 3-4 new media-rich Issue Briefs are added every week and direct-published with no delay.


CORS: The reference ebooks (including Academic Core, the Essentials collections, and individual titles) are available together on the Credo Online Reference Service (CORS) platform.

The Instruct modules are available on their own platform.

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Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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eBooks, Full-Text, Reference

MARC Records

MARC Records: 

Instructions and video on how to download Credo’s free MARC records are available within the Credo Help Center.  No password required to access these instructions.

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