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Access thousands of records on Canadian organizations, her government, business, schools and financial and cultural institutions. Everything from her Prime Ministers to her zoos is just a click away in this remarkable group of carefully maintained databases known for their breadth and accuracy of information on Canada.

This is our all-encompassing Canadian online source that provides access to all eleven databases. And that means access to tens of thousands of cultural and professional organizations, government offices, law firms, banks, health and education facilities, libraries, and the media ranging from magazines to broadcasters. With CID you have access to over 100,000 contact names across Canada, too. All carefully indexed for easy productive search queries. No other on-line source covers the diverse array of Canadian information like Canada Info Desk. A virtual who's who and what's where in Canada.

Canadian Almanac & Directory

All the facts and figures you will ever need about Canada. No other single source provides users with the quality and depth of up-to-date information for all types of research.

This database is the best single reference source for business executives, managers and assistants; government and public affairs executives; lawyers; marketing, sales and advertising executives; researchers, editors and journalists.

This robust database gives you access to statistics, images and over 45,000 names and addresses for everything from Airlines to Zoos - updated every year.

Each category is a gold-mine of information, providing robust information on business and finance, communications, government, associations, arts and culture (museums, zoos, libraries, etc.), health, transportation, law, education, and more.

Government information includes federal, provincial and territorial - and includes an easy-to-use quick index to find key information. A separate Municipal Government section includes every municipality in Canada, with full profiles of Canada's largest urban centres.

A complete legal directory lists judges and judicial officials, court locations and law firms across the country.

A wealth of general information, the Canadian Almanac & Directory also includes national statistics on population, employment, imports and exports, and more.

National awards and honours are presented, along with forms of address, Commonwealth information and full colour photos of Canadian symbols.

The Canadian Almanac and Directory online is cross-searchable with Grey House Publishing Canada's other best-selling directories. In addition, users also have the option to export much needed organization and contact information to easily generate contact or mailing lists at an additional cost.

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Subscription Options

Canada Info Desk (CID) Complete: Subscribe to all of the databases in Canada Info Desk.

Canada Info Desk (CID) Select: Subscribe to the Canadian Almanac & Directory and a selection of at least six other resources in CID.

Canadian Almanac & Directory (CAD): A standalone subscription to the CAD resource.


Canada's Information Resource Centre (CIRC)

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Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, Limited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
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eBooks, Other, Reference, Serials

Title Lists

Canada Info Desk includes the following resources:

  • Canadian Almanac & Directory
  • Associations Canada
  • Libraries Canada
  • Canadian Environmental Resource Guide
  • Governments Canada
  • Financial Services Canada
  • Canadian Parliamentary Guide
  • History of Canada
  • Major Canadian Cities
  • Health Guide Canada
  • Canadian Who's Who
  • Careers & Employment Canada
  • Financial Post Directory of Directors
  • Financial Post Bonds: Corporate
  • Financial Post Bonds: Government
  • Financial Post Equities: Preferred and Derivatives
  • Financial Post Survey: Industrials
  • Financial Post Survey: Mines and Energy
  • Financial Post Survey: Predecessor and Defunct

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