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ProQuest is taking over from the Canadian distribution of Alexander Street Press resources. (These resources used to be distributed by Gibson Library Connections.) Pricing information in the 2016/17 offer remains valid until the renewal in September 2017, but from January 2017 onward new subscriptions will go through ProQuest.

Music Collections

From the producer:

Explore the largest, most diverse catalog of online music content in the world. 

From classical to alternative rock to zydeco, from ballet to operatic arias to alternative dance, our Music and Dance resources cross genres and content formats.

Video Collections

From the producer:

Discover curated video collections across many disciplines, such as history, health sciences, music, feature film, anthropology, business, and more.

Content Producer: 
Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press

Although ProQuest may consider migrating this content to their own platform eventually, for now and for the foreseable future they will enable access on Alexander Street Press' own platform.

From the producer, about the platform:

Synchronous, searchable scrolling transcripts: Scan or keyword-search the full text of each video. Click any spot in the transcript to jump straight to that segment of the video. Many videos feature on-screen transcripts. *

Shareable playlists: Add all of your favorite films and clips into an online playlist. Then easily share the link, post to social, or embed seamlessly into any syllabus or LMS.

Clip-maker: Make a video clip with a single click. Drag the red and green time flags to set the start and end points of your clip, or use the time stamp tool to mark where you want your clip to start and end. [Watch the producer's video tutorial for details.]

JAWS compatibility: JAWS is the most widely-used screen reader software in the world. It provides speech and Braille outputs of website content to help those with visual impairments navigate through what they cannot see.

Permanent links: Pull a permalink to provide direct access to a particular video and slide it right into a syllabus or LMS.

* Note that, when new content is added, there may be approximately two months' delay time before transcripts are available.

Access Details: 
Unlimited Authorized Users, Unlimited Concurrent Access, IP Authentication, Remote Access
Content Types: 
Streaming Media, Video

Title Lists

Title lists are available for download from each of the product pages on the vendor's website; visit their Product A-Z page to find the indivdual product pages.

When titles have to be removed due to licensing issues between the vendor and the producer, they are removed on a bi-yearly basis (in July and December). For details about the latest title removal, see Title Removal List on the vendor's website.

MARC Records

MARC Records: 

As of June 2017, the Alexander Street Discovery and MARC Records page is no longer being maintained. Records can now be accessed via the Alexander Street Admin Portal. If you require assistance, please contact the producer's tech support directly, which is listed on the vendor page in ERMA in the Vendors directory, or review these resources from the producer:

MARC Records FAQ (page on the Alexander Street website)

How to Access MARC Records (PDF on the Alexander Street website)

Usage Stats


Stats Portal:

Login using your individual credentials. (If you had an account on the old stats website, your credentials should be the same on the new Portal.) If you do not have an account or are experiencing access issues, please contact the producer's tech support (see the vendor directory in ERMA for contact details).

(Stats for the old platform can be accessed at

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