St. Clair

Contact Information

Primary Location: 
Windsor Campus
2000 Talbot Road West
Windsor ON N9A 6S4
Additional Locations: 
Chatham Campus
1001 Grand Avenue West
Chatham ON N7M 5W4
Centre for the Arts - Downtown Campus
201 Riverside Drive West
Windsor ON N9A 5K4
MediaPlex - Downtown Campus
275 Victoria Avenue
Windsor ON N9A 6Z8
Skilled Trades Regional Training Centre
3403 St. Etienne Blvd.
Windsor ON N8W 5B1
One Riverside - Downtown Campus
1 Riverside Dr. W.
Windsor ON N9A 5K3
333 Riverside - Downtown Campus
333 Riverside Dr. W.
Windsor ON N9A 7C5


College FTEs are provided to OCLS by Colleges Ontario, and are based on MCU-audited enrollment data from two years prior. FTEs are applicable on a fiscal year basis, and are updated every April 1st. For historical FTEs, please contact OCLS's eResources Management staff.